How to create a HTML5 Player for Shoutcast or Icecast Print

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Here is an easy to use tutorial for setting up an HTML5 Player for a Shoutcast server or an Icecast server. We have also included a link to our HTML5 Player Code Generator below the tutorial. 

1. Copy the HTML5 player code below to a file for editing. 

2. Update the "ip or hostname:port" section of the player code with the ip or hostname and port to your streaming server. 
Note: For Icecast servers: update "ip or hostname:port/;stream.mp3" to "ip or hostname:port/live" before replacing ip or hostname and port to your streaming server

3. Copy and paste the updated code into your website. 

4. Save file for future use. 

Simple HTML5 Player Code:

<!-- HTML5 Player Code by -->
<audio controls="true" preload="none"><source src="http://ip or hostname:port/;stream.mp3">Your browser does not support the audio element.</audio><!-- END OF THE RADIO HTML5 PLAYER EMBEDDING --><br /><a href="">Code Generated @</a>

HTML5 Player Code Generator

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